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  • Create NFT Collections 10x Faster
  • Generate Unique Metadata
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No code. No art. No problem.

Breathtaking A.I. Image Generation

GeNFT utilizes bleeding edge image generation technology to produce the highest quality and prompt accurate NFTs.

Layer-Based Metadata

Extensive layer-based customization options allow for detailed and rarity accurate metadata to be generated alongside your collection.

Custom Image Models

Need something really unique generated? GeNFT offers private image model training using custom data procured through our proprietary scraping tools.

A.I. Magic Transforms Your Ideas Into NFTs.

At GeNFT, our cutting edge A.I. NFT creation tools come packed with an array of features that make it easy for artists, brands, and companies to generate, refine, deploy, and manage their NFT collections.

  • Exportable Layer-Based Metadata
  • Layer Incompatibility Configurations
  • Whitelabel Branding Configurations

A Truly All-In-One Creation Platform

GeNFT is the only A.I. NFT Generator with exportable metadata that empowers users to easily generate, deploy, and mint their own white-label NFT collections without coding knowledge or art assets.


Roadmap & Features List

We want to grow the project and push GeNFT to it's full potential. In order to do so, we crafted a tentative roadmap with additional developments.

Alpha Phase

  • GeNFT application live (70% capacity target)
  • A.I. collection generation and exportable metadata
  • Scatter One-Click Collection Deployment
  • NFT Access Pass Launch

Beta Phase

  • GeNFT application 90% capacity target
  • A.I. image editor with metadata
  • A.I. powered individual art asset generator
  • One-Click Scatter collection deployment

Final Phase

  • GeNFT application 100% capacity target
  • Asset based NFT collection generator
  • ERC-20 Deployer and Liquidity Factory
  • $GEN Token Launch